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Stereoskopklubben abonnerer på flg. 3 tidsskrifter, der rundsendes til medlemmerne:


The quarterly Journal of the ISU, Stereoscopy – the publication of 3D image-makers, is circulated to all members and is considered to be an important item in cementing the “family” into a coherent whole.
Apart from tuition in 3D photographic techniques, the Journal carries information and articles from around the world on new equipment, literature and all manner of related subjects.

Many articles are well illustrated with 3D drawings and stereo photos – and since 2007, every issue is printed in full color!


Stereo World Magazine is published bimonthly with 40 or more pages per issue. Stereo images from a variety of eras and formats are printed as high quality side-by-side pairs, lavishly illustrating every article. Stereo World publishes original research by noted authorities on stereo photographers, their publishing histories, the historic events and subjects they depicted, and their equipment and techniques.

All NSA members receive six issues of Stereo World annually. Equally featured are articles of interest to today’s stereo photographers and students of 3-D imaging techniques.

Subjects covered are cameras and projectors, viewers and other equipment, 3-D drawing and digital applications, View-Master information, 3-D film and video developments and news of products/services from around the world. Stereo related books are reviewed, and upcoming photo trade shows and exhibitions are listed.

Medlemsblad for “Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Stereoskopie”
Udkommer kvartårligt. Mange artikler og stereobilleder i høj kvalitet.

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